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Contact Lenses

Dakota Eye Care Associates provides complete professional care, including the initial exam, evaluation and fitting of your contact lenses. Further, comprehensive training in the handling and care of your lenses and follow up visits are provided to ensure a comfortable and healthy fit.

Visually, contact lenses may outperform spectacles by providing more natural vision. Visual advantages can include better depth perception, less side or peripheral visual distortion and eye teamwork. Also, you don’t have to worry about contact lenses fogging or interfering while participating in physical activity.

Proper evaluation of your candidacy for contact lens wear will be based on a thorough examination of your visual needs, your eye health, and you work/lifestyle requirements. Contact lenses are medical devices that can cause complications to the health of your eyes and our doctors perform detailed evaluations to ensure your health is not compromised.

dailiesDakota Eye Care offers simple to medically complex contact lens fittings. Contact lens fits include soft contact lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGPs) as well as specialty lenses (i.e. scleral, hybrid, and orthokeratology lenses). There are numerous contact lens options, however the doctors of Dakota Eye Care consider 1-day contact lenses to be the healthiest form of contacts lenses available to date.

Our pledge to you, our patient, is to offer the highest level of eye care, professionalism and the finest contact lenses and care products that are available.