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3D Viewing and Your Vision

When it is time to see your eyecare professional?

  • Is the 3D viewing experience not as vivid as it is for others watching the same picture?
  • Do you experience eyestrain or headaches during or after viewing?
  • Do you feel nauseated or dizzy during or after viewing?
  • Are you more comfortable viewing 2D TV or movies instead of 3D TV/movies?
  • Is it difficult for your eyes to adjust back to normal after watching 3D TV/movies?

If the answer to any of these questions was yes, it may be time to schedule an exam for further evaluation of these problems. The American Optometric Association recommends annual comprehensive eye exams to help ensure healthy vision overall, but if you’ve already had your annual exam, come in today for a binocular vision work up to explore any 3D problems you may be having.

Learn more about 3D and your vision here: